New Website Features

We've been making some improvements to the MOM website which we'd like to let you know about.

The first feature is namelist documentation.

This page contains documentations on all the fortran namelists used by MOM. It serves as a handy interface to the documentation already available within the source code. This page is automatically generated from the source code itself, so if you find any errors, or would like to make any improvements, this can be done by editing the code and submitting the changes to github.

The second feature is a data portal.

This portal provides download links to all the test case data used by MOM. This data is usually accessed by git-annex (which is still the preferred form of access). We have had a lot of feedback from people who havn't been able to use git-annex for various reasons, so this alternate download option will let you access the data as needed.

Both of these features should be considered as being in beta, so you might see some minor changes happening in the coming days. If you find any errors, broken links, etc, please let me know and I'll try to fix them up ASAP.