MOM uses git for version control of all source code, documentation and data. A central repository is hosted on GitHub.

Source Code

The recommended method for accessing the source code is to use git to make a clone of the repository. This will allow you to easily contribute any changes back to the MOM community. Alternatively, a zip file or tarball can be downloaded from the central repository.


It is recommended that users of MOM download the latest stable release (5.1.0). Use the following command to clone the latest release from git:

git clone git://; cd mom; git checkout 5.1.0


For developers who wish to make changes to the model and contribute back to the community, it is recommended that the latest development version of MOM is downloaded. This version will contain changes which have not yet been released in a stable version, but may also contain issues which need resolving before release.

git clone git://

Official Releases

The following official releases of MOM are available.


The complete distribution of MOM includes some large data files used for testing and examples. To save your bandwidth and keep source code checkouts fast, the data files are managed in a slightly different way to source code files.

All of the data files are hosted here by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science.

The files can be downloaded manually into the data/archives directory or using a helper script:


However, the preferred method is to download the necessary input data automatically when running a test case, for example:

./MOM_run --platform PLATFORM_ID --type MODEL_TYPE --experiment TEST_CASE --download_input_data